What can you do with your family in Normandy whether it’s sunny or rainy ? We suggest 2 scenarios for an unforgettable family day in the Cœur de Nacre !

It is well known that in our beautiful Normandy, it is said that there are the 4 seasons in one day ! What can we visit then ? What can you do if the weather turns nasty ? Don’t panic, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your holiday.

Scenario 1 : The weather is great ! Yes, yes it happens !

10am : First of all, we advise you to go to the tourist office to pick up the guide, the tourist map and the calendar of events.

10.30am : Why not take a stroll through the Courseulles-sur-mer market (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in season) and pick up some fresh fish from the Courseulles harbour (every day and all year round!). Look, those mackerel, sea bream and sea bass, caught a few hours ago, look delicious. Oh ! the scallops ! Buy some, it’s the peak season !

11.30am : A stop at the Paradis des Enfants merry-go-round is a must before a walk on the wooden jetty of Courseulles-sur-mer. From there, admire the panoramic view of Juno Park and the beach.

12.30 pm : Lunch break with fresh products from your market of the day.

2pm : How about a little walk this afternoon ? Let’s see… why not the one in Luc-sur-mer ? Thanks to our walking map, you will discover the historical and architectural curiosities of the seaside resort. We advise you to take the children to see the whale skeleton and the animals in the town hall park. Don’t forget the obligatory stop at the playground ! Maybe you will be lucky enough to see the peacocks that live there in the wild !

4pm : snack time ! You too will succumb to the sweet aroma of Gui-Gui, a colourful sweet wrapped around a stick that the resort is famous for! Take advantage of being on the Place du Petit Enfer to do some shopping.

6pm : What do you think about playing mini-golf ? If you have already tried the one in Courseulles-sur-mer, why not take a look at the one in Luc-sur-mer? So… who will win?

7.30 pm : What if you ended this beautiful day with a family restaurant in front of the sea ? Pancakes, fish soup, seafood, burgers… what’s on your menu?

Scenario 2: As the sun is not guaranteed to shine every day in Normandy, sometimes you have to have a plan B !

10am : We recommend that you first visit the Juno Beach Centre at Courseulles-sur-mer, a World War II site particularly well suited to families. We learn that it is the only Canadian museum on the D-Day landing beaches. Opt for the youth circuit ! Thanks to interactive modules and touch screens, this Explore Juno family circuit makes discovering the museum easier and more accessible.

12:00 : Would you like some seafood ? You could go for lunch in Saint-Aubin-sur-mer ! This charming seaside resort is known for its many restaurants with their covered terraces, facing the sea. Before leaving, take a little walk down Rue Pasteur to discover the works of the artist who is currently exhibiting at the Halle, an old covered market transformed into an exhibition hall.

2pm : This afternoon, a change of scenery ! Head for the Fontaine-Henry castle. With its Renaissance facade, its large wooded park, its small 13th century chapel and its richly decorated interiors, a plunge into history is guaranteed ! Opt for a family rally. You will then put yourself in the shoes of a spy during the Second World War. This treasure hunt allows you to decipher the radio operator’s secret message step by step !

4.30 pm : Who wants to go for a swim ? Then head for the Aquanacre aquatic centre in Douvres-la-délivrande. Children love the pentagliss, the play pool and the outdoor pool heated all year round.

18:30 : A busy day!

Your ideas

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©Ph. Delval, Grégory Wait, Vincent Rustuel, Didier Bordas

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