This autumn, let’s celebrate the scallop! Normandy is the leading French region for scallop fishing, which has been awarded the Label Rouge, a real guarantee of quality.

Every year, convivial and gourmet festivals are dedicated to the scallop.

The scallop, star of the fish market

Why wait until Christmas to taste it? Gourmet friends, come to Normandy from October and during the All Saints’ Day holidays to savour the scallop, while enjoying the iodised air of the seaside.

les coquilles fete de la coquille courseulles sur mer novembre 2018 credit mathilde lelandais

Come to Courseulles-sur-mer every morning to the fishing port: next to the fish that are still wriggling, the scallops are proudly displayed on the stalls of the fish market.

The fishermen will give you some tips on how to eat them: snacked with a few spices or pan-fried with a little Norman crème fraîche… they can be eaten with all kinds of sauces!

After this shopping break, allow yourself a little stroll to the end of the fishermen’s pier.

Here you can admire the ballet of fishing boats returning from the sea, loaded with boxes of scallops, closely followed by the voracious gulls.

The scallop sublimated in our plates

For two months, from 15 October to the end of December, the chefs of the restaurants of Courseulles-sur-mer, Bernières-sur-mer and Saint-Aubin-sur-mer will be concocting a special “scallop” gourmet menu consisting of a starter and a main course based on the scallop and a dessert with a decorative element reminiscent of the scallop…

NB: Consult our special “shell” menus :

  • Au P’tit Mousse
  • La Crémaillère
  • L’Hôtel de Paris
  • L’As de Trèfle
  • L’hôtel-restaurant le Saint-Aubin

*In these establishments, children will be given a booklet with a game about the product

The Courseulles-sur-mer shellfish festival

It is also an opportunity to buy good seafood directly from the fishermen.

Get your diaries ready!

See you on 20 and 21 November in Courseulles-sur-mer.

Sea songs, culinary activities, gastronomy market, guided tours, activities for children… every year, this festival is a celebration of the scallop and maritime culture.

recipe(s) ideas

Scallops are one of the most delicate dishes.

They are easy to cook and can be combined with many local or exotic flavours. What’s more, they are low in calories. Here are some recipe ideas to delight your taste buds!

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