Oysters can be found on the menu of many restaurants, on the fishmonger’s stalls and at Aux Régals de l’île, a local institution well known to regulars and run by the Benoist family from father to son.

Oyster farming

In the Benoist family, oysters are a family affair! In the 1950s, Gilles Benoist started producing and selling oysters raised on tables in Meuvaines. They are then matured in the disgorgers and clear water basins of Courseulles-sur-mer. In the 1980s, his son Jean-Christophe took over the business, now assisted by his son Corentin.

They export a quality oyster, round, fleshy, with a slight taste of hazelnut and less salty than its neighbours from Normandy or Brittany.

We produce 60 tons of oysters every year. 3 to 4 years is the minimum duration to raise an oyster. Then, they are matured in our clear water tanks for 3 weeks. Our special Courseulles oyster can be enjoyed on the terrace in the restaurants that have sprung up around the ponds or on our seafood platters. We also have a large choice of shellfish to discover in the shop.


Next door, The Dégustation de l’ile restaurant is the extension of the family business since 2016. Sébastien Benoist, Jean-Christophe’s second son, is in the kitchen and Marielle, his wife, in the dining room. The decoration is contemporary, the atmosphere warm, the terrace full of flowers and the view of the island and the mill unrestricted. Here, everything is homemade, the salmon is smoked on the spot and the aromatic plants grow in the garden a few metres from the restaurant.

Oysters can be eaten raw with a dash of lemon, poached or warm with some spices.


Aux Régals de l’île, rue de la Marine Dunkerque, 14470 Courseulles-sur-mer

Restaurant Dégustation de l’île, route de Ver, 14470 Courseulles-sur-mer


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