Singer-songwriter Josée Lapierre is also a pianist. She has been composing and performing for about twenty years. She has produced two albums: a first one as a solo artist, with her own compositions : Libre; and a second one for the band Complices (with Claude Cormier): Enfants d'ailleurs.

For the past ten years, Josée Lapierre has been creating adaptations of musicals in the Magdalen Islands. In the production process, beyond the administrative tasks, she plays the roles of producer, artistic director, stage director, actor, singer, teacher, and, above all, "instigator of the marvelous". Indeed, she directs amateur actors year after year. At the base, they are dishwashers, insurance agents, caterers etc. It is primarily for the magic that they come..

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the 14 août 2023 from 17:30


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