Lucie, 8 years old, and Tim, 10 years old, discover fishing on foot with Christelle, a guide at the tourist office.

2pm, the tide is low, the sun is shining, it smells good the iodine! I join my friend Tim for an afternoon of fishing in the open air.

Christelle, a guide at the Cœur de Nacre tourist office, is waiting for us on the beach of Saint-Aubin-sur-mer.

With her boots on, tide tables and compass in her rucksack and landing net in her hand, this specialist of the Normandy coastline leads us to the foreshore to give us some tips for successful fishing on foot.

Before we set off on our hunt, Christelle explains:

“Here we are on the Côte de Nacre. It is a coveted area for shellfish fishing. At low tide, and during high coefficients, the sea reveals this immense expanse of sand, which is called the foreshore. In the middle of the rocks and seaweed, you will find a whole ecosystem. “

peche a pied enfants saint aubin sur mer credit mathilde lelandais

Tim and I can’t wait to get started!

I dare him to find more little creatures than me! While he lifts the seaweed in search of the little crabs, I move my net through the small pools in search of the bouquet. The water is cool, the wind is gentle and behind us we hear the cry of gulls fighting over the remains of fish.

Christelle explains to us that the rocks must be put back in their place otherwise all the plants and animals that live on them risk dying.

“And when you find a small animal, check the authorised size with this ruler. If it’s too small, we let it go and let it grow.”

“Oh dear! “shouts Tim excitedly as he finds a big green crab under the thick brown seaweed. “This one doesn’t look very friendly! “

crabe vert peche a pied platier rocheux credit mathilde lelandais
animaux peche a pied balade decouverte littorale visite guidee decouverte faune et flore marine credit mathilde lelandais1 2

On my side, I am amused to see the bunch and the grey shrimps jumping around in my net. “Damn, they are too small! Come on, I’ll set them free. “

Oh, and what is that strange beast?

“It’s a macropod with a long rostrum. It is a member of the crustacean family and has 5 pairs of legs. It loves to hide among the algae. “

During the 2 hours of shore fishing and with the help of Christelle, we identified limpets, curlers, green crabs and winkles. “It’s more interesting than at school! “Tim says to me with a wink. The fishing wasn’t very successful as we had to release most of our finds because they were too small. But that’s not the most important thing! Tim and I had a good laugh, we learned a lot about the different species that live here on the foreshore and then we got some good colours!

In our buckets, the few shrimps and mussels we caught will be used as an appetizer for this evening, great!

But we have to go already. Christelle shows us that the sea is rising fast.

Much more than just collecting shellfish, this outing on the rocks of Calvados allowed me to understand the fragility of the fauna and flora of the foreshore and to adopt the right gestures to protect them.

I can’t wait for the next high tides!

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